Pyrotec is the division of Technip dedicated to development, marketing and licensing of simulation technology for the optimal operation of ethylene crackers. From its offices in The Netherlands and California, Pyrotec delivers its products and services to ethylene producers on all continents.

Pyrotec’s flagship product is SPYRO, Technip’s proprietary ethylene yield prediction model. Ever since the start of its commercial application in 1978, ethylene producers world-wide have recognized SPYRO as the tool for feedstock selection, operability studies, Real-Time Optimization (RTO), Advanced Process Control (APC) and Planning & Scheduling. Technip itself is the exclusive user of SPYRO for ethylene furnace design and revamp projects.

SPYRO simulates the steam cracking process inside the radiant coil of an ethylene furnace. It is based on a rigorous kinetic scheme of about 3,000 equations involving 128 hydrocarbon components. The performance of any type of cracking coil in commercial use today (including split coil designs and short residence time coils) can be simulated. The use of SPYRO allows accurate prediction of yield patterns for feedstocks ranging from gases to heavy (or treated) gas oils at all current operating conditions. Succeeding the highly successful sequential SPYRO6, Pyrotec has released the fully equation based SPYRO Suite 7.

Pyrotec offers the following range of SPYRO applications to the petrochemical producers worldwide for simulation and optimization of their ethylene plants:

  • SPYRO Suite 7
  • SPYRO for Real-Time Optimization (SRTO) *
  • SPYRO for Advanced Process Control (SAPC) *
  • SPYRO in Planning & Scheduling (SPSL) *

* Integrated into the 3’rd party applications.

For more information on different SPYRO applications please refer to the corresponding product page or contact Pyrotec.

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