SPYRO Suite 7

SPYRO Suite 7 is a program for off-line simulation and optimization of the steam cracking furnace operations. Use of SPYRO Suite 7 allows engineers to predict the product yields for wide range of hydrocarbon feedstocks at any operating conditions.

SPYRO simulations are based on the fundamental Kinetic Scheme, which includes more than 3000 possible reactions, representing the radical chain mechanism for cracking of hydrocarbons including 128 molecular and 20 radical components.

SPYRO Suite 7 allows Pyrotec to simulate any type of steam cracking furnace in commercial use today. To provide the consistent quality of simulation in each project, Pyrotec configures detailed geometries of the furnaces present on a client site.

A coke deposition model in SPYRO Suite 7 allows the users to estimate the run length of each furnace, based on their specific decoking criteria.

The flowsheet-oriented graphical user interface of SPYRO Suite 7 helps the new users to learn quicker, and to keep a clear overview of the simulation case.

With the Full Furnace Simulation license, SPYRO Suite 7 enables the user to build and simulate various complex cases, such as:

  • Full furnace (radiant coil, firebox, convection section, TLE, steam drum)
  • Hybrid cracking (different feedstocks in separate coils within one furnace)
  • Multiple furnaces in one model (with combined effluent)
  • Product separation, recycle stream simulations

Typical tasks performed with the help of SPYRO Suite 7 are, among the others:

  • Feedstock selection
  • Optimization of furnace operating modes
  • Case studies, evaluation of furnace operations
  • Advanced scheduling of maintenance activities
  • Building extended model of the ethylene plant

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