SPYRO for RTO simulates the steady-state cracking process inside the radiant coil(s) of a steam cracking furnace in ethylene plants. It is based upon a fundamental kinetic scheme of more than 3000 reactions, representing a chain reaction mechanism of 128 molecular species and 20 radical species. SPYRO for RTO is designed for use in the 3’rd party Real-Time Optimization applications for ethylene plant operations.

The fundamental basis of the SPYRO program allows accurate prediction of several parameters, such as:

  • Effluent yield composition
  • Tube Skin Temperature
  • Coke Buildup
  • Heat Flux
  • Absorbed Duty
  • Coil Pressure Drop
  • Coil Outlet Temperature

Feedstocks from ethane up to heavy gasoils can be modelled in the SPYRO program.

Given the basic geometry of the radiant coil pyrolysis reactor, SPYRO can simulate the performance of any type of radiant coil in commercial use today. The furnace geometry is configured by TECHNIP for each optimization project in the pre-commissioning stage.

The input parameters of SPYRO for RTO include hydrocarbon flow rate, dilution steam ratio, coil inlet pressure, coil inlet temperature, coke thickness, feed composition and specific adjustment parameters.

Advantages of using SPYRO for RTO are, amongst the others:

  • Prediction of optimized set-points (e.g. COT) to be used in near future.
  • Prediction of the run-length of the furnaces

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