The steam cracking simulation standard

To date, SPYRO® is the most important tool for ethylene producers. SPYRO® has got the ability to simulate the performance of any type of radiant coil in commercial use today and accurate prediction of yield patterns for feedstocks ranging from gases to heavy gas oils at all current operating conditions.


In today's tightening market situation, it is increasingly important for ethylene producers to respond swiftly to changing market conditions and to operate their facilities in the most cost effective manner possible. In ethylene plants, selection of feedstocks and operation of the cracking furnaces have the greatest impact on a plant's profitability. SPYRO® is a very important tool which is easily accessible and will help the ethylene producers to find the most advantageous way to operate the cracking furnaces.


Dear SPYRO® User,

We are pleased to inform you that Pyrotec has scheduled the following training sessions for 2024:

·     6-7 November:             SPYRO® Training (Online/Teams) 

·     19-20-21 November:    SPYRO® Training (In-House)

In case you are interested to join any of the above SPYRO® training sessions, please let us know by sending an e-mail at the latest before 15th of October 2024 to: SPYRO@ten.com

Please note that the SPYRO® training fee is not applicable to companies who have a special provision for this training in their SPYRO® agreement as part of their maintenance. They can send two staff employees in total free of charge.

Kindly share this invitation within your company to anyone who may have any interest in attending our courses.


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