• SPYRO® – The Steam Cracking Simulation Standard

    To date, SPYRO® is the most important tool for ethylene producers. SPYRO® has got the ability to simulate the performance of any type of radiant coil in commercial use today and accurate prediction of yield patterns for feedstocks ranging from gases to heavy gas oils at all current operating conditions.

    In today's tightening market situation, it is increasingly important for ethylene producers to respond swiftly to changing market conditions and to operate their facilities in the most cost effective manner possible. In ethylene plants, selection of feedstocks and operation of the cracking furnaces have the greatest impact on a plant's profitability. SPYRO® is a very important tool which is easily accessible and will help the ethylene producers to find the most advantageous way to operate the cracking furnaces.

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    Pyrotec offers comprehensive training courses and certification for the users of off-line SPYRO applications. Please find the scheduled training sessions here.


    Download installation manuals and utilities for SPYRO software


    We offer dedicated maintenance services for the licensed SPYRO® software, providing our clients with timely technical support and the latest program updates.

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