About us

Pyrotec is the division of Technip Energies dedicated to development, marketing and licensing of simulation technology for the optimal operation of ethylene crackers. From its offices in The Netherlands and California, Pyrotec delivers its products and services to ethylene producers on all continents.

Pyrotec’s flagship product is SPYRO, Technip Energies’ proprietary ethylene yield prediction model. Ever since the start of its commercial application in 1978, ethylene producers world-wide have recognized SPYRO as the tool for feedstock selection, operability studies, Real-Time Optimization (RTO), Advanced Process Control (APC) and Planning & Scheduling. Technip Energies itself is the exclusive user of SPYRO for ethylene furnace design and revamp projects.


The history of SPYRO® simulation software started in the late sixties when a kinetic and mathematical model was postulated by the first program author, Professor Mario Dente. Soon thereafter a team consisting of Professor Dente and Professor Eliseo Ranzi among others, was formed which took upon them the further development.

The work of Mario Dente, Eliseo Ranzi and Sauro Pierucci is acknowledged in the foundation of the SPYRO® program.

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